Serious Gaming

Using Fun to Solve Serious Challenges

The world is a complex place and bringing together businesses and governments with societal and environmental factors is a huge challenge, but one that all organizations must take on to be relevant in the new world economy.

So, where do businesses and government agencies begin? Mark Twain said it best, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”, and at Green Diamond, we suggest most organizations start small with our Quick Start program. However, if you are ready to think through the big questions, take on the big challenges facing us today, and realize that the complexity is only going to grow, that the impacts of decisions become exponential, and true solutions will require a cultural change, then it is time to play a game!

Green Diamond’s Serious Gaming and Sustainable Gamification Solutions are in use at the Gates Foundation and other organizations looking to have a global impact. Our solutions are designed to help provide unique insights and deliver Sustainable Performance by:

  •   Abstracting real-world problems into a game setting where you can learn from the power of community
  •   Leveraging the traits of games and gamers to drill down into challenges and gain insights not easily identified without real-world-like situations
  •   Tapping the power of analytics and integrations with existing data and software to create a true Sustainable Intelligence