Predictive Analytics

Big Data may be a buzz word, but it is a real phenomenon facing businesses and government agencies of all sizes. Knowledge may be power, but data without organization and intelligence is just a distraction, and worse, may be misleading.

Based upon all the data available, how do you know what are the right conclusions to draw and the appropriate actions to take? It should not be a best guess or close enough for government work, it should be based upon facts, predictable outcomes, and probabilities based upon the data.

At Green Diamond, we deliver sophisticated modeling engines that run strategic decision-making algorithms to gain insights and guidance on decisions and actions to make better informed decisions at all levels of an organization. Let us help take the guess work out of your business and deliver Sustainable Performance!

We will help you collect and correlate data from multiple sources including across departments and outside the organization, then visualize your KPIs in dynamic formats, and be able to make quick, informed decisions to grow the business, reduce costs, improve performance, and meet or exceed your goals.

Our Predictive Analytic Solutions Empower You to:

  •   Compare across numerous dimensions
  •   Drill down, filter and sort
  •   Benchmark
  •   Identify opportunities and risks
  •   Measure and Assess progress against goals