Our vision at Green Diamond is to improve all aspects of the world in which we operate across the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, and Profit. Leveraging big data and analytics, we design data-driven solutions that put into action business practices with a focus on environmental factors, society benefits, and a commitment to build value through sustainability. We are seeing a shift to Sustainability as the new metric for establishing the long-term health of our businesses, our government agencies, and our planet. At Green Diamond, we call it Sustainable Intelligence and we are at the heart of driving this change to the benefit of investors, employers, employees and our world.


Through our Sustainability Intelligence solutions, Green Diamond leverages advanced analytics and process improvement to identify opportunities and risks in our client’s current business models and deliver Sustainable Performance that connects profit to sustainability efforts. Our commitment will be to help our clients establish long-term, Sustainable Performance for their business or agency with the solutions and practices that deliver on the promise of “what is good for our planet and what is good for society is what is best for the bottom line”.


  Improve business and government processes to help improve our world

  Treat every client as though their success will change the world and work hard to help them realize this potential

  Understand that being chosen by a client is a privilege not to be taken lightly. Without superior customer experience and taking pride in our       work, we will not be granted that privilege and cannot deliver solutions that will improve our world.

  Know that strategy without execution is just an unrealized dream. Creating the vision and goals needed for business strategy is critical to       success, but it is execution that will make that vision a reality for our clients.

  Live and work each day with our Vision and Mission at our core, providing a working environment and all customer deliveries through this lens:       is this good for our people; is this good for our business; and is this good for our planet