Todd Fein

Todd is a creative, driven, and dynamic executive, entrepreneur, and speaker, with a passion for sustainable development.

Building on degrees in engineering and finance from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and Wharton Business School, Todd has spent 25 years developing management and technology solutions and companies to help Fortune 500 and government clients not just understand, plan, and maximize performance, but sustain it.

He founded Green Diamond to help organizations adopt those next generation solutions. For instance, Green Diamond’s Sustainability Intelligence TM platform gives specific purpose and direction to business intelligence and data science, where the management of performance and tools and techniques used are broadened and deepened, to include correlating metrics, prescribing actions, and simulating scenarios that add social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and other less traditional, but still determinant factors to the calculus of the financial bottom line. And he has led the platform becoming the first of its kind certified by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, first selected to add dashboards to the Newsweek Green Rankings, first selected by Trucost (now an S&P Global company) and Ecolab to prototype a dashboard on the true cost of water, and first selected by a Fortune 500 company to automate the integration of certain internal data with data in their Bloomberg terminal.

Prior to Green Diamond, Todd founded and served as Director, COO, and CFO of CadenceQuest, to help organizations like Wal-Mart, CVS, and Bank of America, the US House of Representatives, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Education, and many others understand, plan for, and implement more powerful data integration and analytics technology for enterprise performance management. Before that, he helped found and served as Director of Operations and Corporate Development for Cvent, which became the world’s largest online platform for marketing and event management and analytics.

At the outset of his career, as a Manager at global firm American Management Systems (now CGI), Todd helped build a management and technology consulting practice focused on sustainability. He was not only a member of a team whose work was nominated for archival in the Smithsonian, but co-invented an enterprise-wide regulatory management system that received the first patent in the company’s 30-year history. To this day, the solution remains the predominant system used by many states, the US EPA, and the hundreds of thousands of companies and individuals in the regulated community with whom they interact and exchange data.

Todd has also served in numerous leadership roles beyond client engagement. For instance, he has served the US at the US Department of State as its Franklin Fellow for global sustainability reporting, as a Director on the Board of the World Future Society, as a subject matter expert in the Mid-Atlantic Business Plan Competition and Clean Tech Open, as a university adjunct and continuing education lecturer, and more.

When not trotting the globe, Todd lives in Chicago, where he is blessed with a family he loves and uses free time to enjoy friends, food, and socializing.