Linda Froelich

Linda is a seasoned sustainability executive, with a passion for people and a deep background in agriculture and chemicals. In addition to her role consulting with Green Diamond, she also currently teaches a course on Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Pennsylvania and tutors at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.

Linda was formerly Global Sustainability Director and Responsible Care Coordinator for FMC Corporation, where she led a comprehensive set of initiatives to engage internal and external stakeholders, elevate product stewardship, and drive sustainable innovation over decades. Her illustrious career at FMC began in 1977, and she held positions ranging from R&D, where she was responsible for studies supporting global product registrations, to biotechnology, isolating natural product herbicides and insecticides from fungi, and the North American crop and Global Agricultural Solutions businesses, where she managed registrations, regulatory compliance, and product stewardship.

Linda graduated from the College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY.

She lives outside of Philadelphia, with her husband, Rick, and enjoys traveling, boating, skiing, cooking and quality time with her daughter who lives in Massachusetts, her son who lives in California, and her five grandchildren.