Johnny Huang Zhong

Huang Zhong (Johnny)  is a dynamic executive and entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the software, manufacturing, aerospace, venture investment, education, and entertainment industries. He servers as Green Diamond’s lead for Asia and concurrently serves in a myriad of additional roles.

He is the Co-Founder ad Executive Director for Asia of the Sustainable Finance Institute, a Green Diamond affiliate, and an adviser on sustainability transition, technology incubation and investment opportunities to organizations ranging from  the UN World Intellectual Property (WIPO), Chinese National Green Development Fund, and Hainan Green Finance Research Institute to Indonesia’s national Oil & Gas conglomerate, Denmark’s Innovation Center, and a number of US and Chinese universities. Frequently consulted by ministries and regional governments on renewable energy, the built environment, nature-based climate solutions, clean transportation, and circular economy, he also leads the World Sustainable Finance Association (WSFA)’s Certified Sustainable Finance Analyst (CSFA) program lectures at Brown and Yale.

Mr. Huang founded his first software company while in college and sold it to a state-owned enterprise before leaving for the US to study hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology at the International Hydrogen Institute at the University of Miami. Realizing that hydrogen required more growth and capital to cross “Innovation’s Death Valley,” he pivoted and co-founded the first online telecom CRM platform, consolidating landline, broadband, and wireless services from over 3,000 telecom service providers across the US and Canada. After selling this venture, he became an advisor for a number of start-ups, technology incubators, and public and private companies.