Todd Fein

Todd is a creative and driven executive, with a passion for sustaining people, profit, and planet. Building on degrees in engineering and finance from the U Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and Wharton Business School, Todd has spent the past 20 years developing management and technology solutions that bring innovation to performance.

Todd founded Green Diamond to help organizations achieve breakthroughs via the next generation of business intelligence (BI), bringing people powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to integrate, analyze, and decide how to maximize return and minimize risk across the balance of environmental, social, and financial factors that determine optimal performance. In addition to his responsibilities as CEO, Todd currently serves part-time as the lead for Green Diamond’s team working at the US Department of State, where he previously served as the Franklin Fellow for Global Sustainability Reporting to enable the Department’s Greening Diplomacy Initiative (GDI) under Secretary Clinton and Undersecretary Kennedy.

Prior to Green Diamond, Todd founded and served as Director, COO, and CFO of CadenceQuest, Inc. He also helped launch and served as Director of Operations and Corporate Development for Cvent, and was a Manager at American Management Systems (AMS), now CGI, where he helped build an environmental consulting practice and was part of a team whose work was nominated for archival in the Smithsonian. His hallmark achievement was Tools for Environmental Management and Protection Organizations (TEMPO), an enterprise-wide management system for sustainability that he co-invented and that received the first patent in AMS’s 30-year history.