Balakrishna Dixit

Balakrishna is our sustainability analytics technical guru and solution architect. He has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of BI/DW Architecture and implementation and emerging areas like Cloud Architecture, Machine Learning, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. He has played numerous roles including architect, analyst, strategist, program/project management and developer. Prior to Green Diamond, Balakrishna held lead management and technical roles at Wipro, GE Capital Services, France Telecom and as a consultant to several marquis clients such as FDA, Social Security Administration, Society for Human Resources Management, Louisville Gas & Electric etc.

Balakrishna has architected, deployed and managed corporate portals, corporate directories and enterprise wide configuration management frameworks, built and executed against global corporate data warehouse strategies, and has hands-on experience with most of the leading ETL and analytics tools, while leading all POC initiatives for lead generation and conversion. He is a respected and successful strategist and technical leader that helps to truly separate Green Diamond from our competition.