Who We Are

Green Diamond is cutting edge solutions for sustainable performance. At the intersection of strategy and analytics, we help business and government design forward-thinking, financially sound operating models and big data-driven technologies to shape a future that is not only better for their business, but sustainable for them, the economy, the people and the planet in the face of growing risks and challenges:

  • Macro-economic factors, such as increasing global population and the risk of decreasing resource supply
  • Market factors, such as increasing consumer awareness and the risk of reputational damage
  • Regulatory factors, such as increasing requirements and limits and the risk of non-compliance
  •  Financing factors, such as increasing investor pressure and the risk of higher costs of capital

We call our solution offering Sustainable Intelligence, and our goal is to partner with each client to help them secure their future and, in turn, a future in which all of us… investors, customers, suppliers, employees… realize the lasting benefits.


What We Do

 Strategy & Sustainability — Enterprise performance management and technology consulting,

Sustainability Specialty Consulting — Global Reporting Initiative

Business Intelligence — Pre-built and custom key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, reports, data integration and libraries of recommendations for optimizing and sustaining performance

Sustainable Intelligence — Connecting profit and loss to sustainability efforts through the use of advanced business analytics, business intelligence, and business process improvement